4 Ounce Pure Lavender Essential Oil

4 Ounce Pure Lavender Essential Oil

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Have you been ordering your essential oils on Amazon Prime?

How's that going? Probably, not so great.. right!

The trick to essential oils is sourcing, there are literally a million sources that "essential oils" come from. Especially now that it is a highly sought after product. That opens this whole thing  up to the global trade of dealers, importers (clears throat: shysters') when you order off amazon and not from a trusted and vetted company your can get who knows what in that bottle. 

I have spent the better part of 10 years buying samples from essential oil distributers and distillers, and let me tell you....very few I have ordered a second batch from. The most shocking ones came with a giant whiff of petroleum. That's the dirty secret of this industry....every peep out there is all " organic, hand made" well, the real real download is.... second and third tier essential oil producers are using not so clean manufacturing methods. 

Buying your oils from Homosapien ensures a highly allergic, overly educated nurse is vetting the oils for all sorts of nonsense. 

We are so pleased to be able to offer bulk essential oils!

Product: Lavender essential oil

Size: 4 ounce.

Bottle comes with dropper for use in your diffuser, bathtub or to just spread around on public transportation (haha wink).

Warning: not for use in eyes (or any orifice, duh) if this occurs, rinse for10 minutes in running water, seek medical help if irritation continues and learn your lesson...don't do silly things that end up in a day spent in the ER.